Why use Magento 2 Layered Navigation?

Why use Magento 2 Layered Navigation in eCommerce site?

Magento 2 Layered Navigation plays an important role in reducing the abandonment rate on the shopping cart. Is it really correct? According to a survey about online customers’ behaviors, 73% of online buyers are not patient to leave within 2 minutes because they have difficulty in finding items, and 96% agree that the searching has a great influence on their shopping process. The given statistics prove that the optimized filter tool is the better customer satisfaction on your site.

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  • Why use Magento 2 Layered Navigation?
  • The growth of the internet is rapid because the internet meets the consumer’s needs of the busy life. Therefore, it is obvious that they prefer a process in fast speed than any delay. To help store owners improve the search, a powerful solution is released: better-layered navigation with more advanced functionalities to make the customers comfortable with the experience on your store. Regardless of the finding product or the checkout process, all of them are perfect to approach.

    What happens with the old navigation?

    If you are running Magento 2 platform, from the backend, it is totally possible to enable the default navigation on your store. With the default filter, the clients will find the desired product by a list of product attributes on the navigation. Regarding the search options, depending on the kind of goods and online retailer’s configuration, the relevant characteristics will be visible as well as available to choose. Specifically, please paying attention to the following example of buying clothes:

    What happens with the old navigation?

    On the left of category page, store owner allows showing all main product attributes such as style, size, color, material, etc… Even they can ask for the price range that is the money they afford to pay the needed item.

    As you see, the default layered navigation also brings many helpful utilities in the search process, but the huge disadvantage your customers must deal with is that each filter only accepts only one product attribute. Due to this minus point, the old navigation is only suitable for the small business. If you are selling a thousand of products, it takes much customer’s shopping time to achieve the favorite item. It is time to reform the layered navigation with various selections and smart navigation.

    Now let’s how is an optimized layered navigation for all eCommerce sites, particularly as Magento 2 stores?

    What can Magento 2 Layered Navigation do?

    Layered Navigation is placed at bare space on the left of the category page. Supported by responsive layout, this navigation can display under the best performance regardless any device like PC, tablet or mobile. It is convenient for customers to come and buy any item at your store. Moreover, magento 2 layered navigation applies Accordion style to show a list of suboptions for each attribute. Only when clicking on the dropdown arrow, the values will appear, that makes your page neater.

    Friendly and neat navigator interface

    Multiple filter options on the navigation

    1. Make the navigation friendly

    After installing and setting up Magento 2 Layered Navigation, as usual, you will also see it on the left of the product listing page. Developed by Magento 2 platform, this module has the best friendly layout that is responsive to any screen size of every device. Thus, for the convenience, your customers can use Mobile to carry the search out without any restriction.

    2. Apply modern technology - Ajax

    Coming with the superior version, Magento 2 Layered Navigation allows instant loading when there is any filter on your site. For example, whatever request the customer calls, all matched products will appear after 5 seconds without any longer. The special thing is only reloading the search result section and keep the rest of the category page. Ajax makes your site’s performance more professional as well as reduce unnecessary time on your site.

    Apply modern technology - Ajax

    3. Feel free with multiple selections

    With Magento 2 Layered Navigation, the user can narrow down their demands via the existing options. At the same time, they can choose multiple product attributes with different values.

    Feel free with multiple selections

    In conclusion, Magento 2 Layered Navigation simplifies the search process in order to enhance customer experience on your site. Fastening the process helps your customers achieve the needed goods quickly with the highest satisfaction. That is one of the great solutions to rocket the online sale dramatically in the competitive market.

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