One Step Checkout Magento 2 extension: 5 impressive benefits for powerful e-Commerce sites

The final goal of Magento 2 One Page Checkout is minimizing the abandonment cart rate for every e-Commerce sites to help store owners increase their revenue dramatically. According to Global Abandonment Rates reported by, by June 2016, 74,52% of global customers leaving their carts instead of finishing the purchase. Why is 74,52%? The main reason is making customers wait too long time for the checkout process. The amount of the abandoned cart wastes trillions of your revenue, that is a huge damage in the business.

It is critical to find the potential solution for the reducing abandonment rate. One Step Checkout for Magento 2 will help you jump through this difficulty to gain the expected business results. Magento 2 checkout module brings 5 impressive benefits which are both surprised gifts you can hold. Please keeping your eyes on to get full of benefits.

1. Fast checkout process

Lets image that you had been running a serpentine process on the local store, surely you will receive negative feedback from customers who directly experience with it, right? You could not stand to use such checkout process anymore. So that is the reason why you need to take a look at a checkout extension.

How can One Step Checkout Magento 2 fasten the checkout process? Instead of multiple steps as usual, this Magento 2 extension combine all steps into a single page checkout along with necessary checkout information. The one page checkout is divided into separate sections in the friendly interface including Billing Address, Shipping Address (if have), Shipping Methods, Payment Methods, Order Review, and Place Order button.

magento 2 one step checkout

2. Short checkout form

In the other hands, the checkout module also simplifies the process when it comes with a short and clear checkout form that is very easy to fill. Not only the required information is short but the field is also guided clearly, that makes it be the great choice for these troubles in the checkout process.

3. No registration anymore

If you wonder what reason makes clients leave their shopping carts easily, it is a forced registration before proceeding to the checkout. According to a survey researched by Econsultancy showed that over a quarter of users would drop off from the shopping cart when forced to create a brand new account at the online store. However, signing up is an essential thing for your business to collect customer information. That issue seems to be complex to solve but you will be comfortable if you hear about One Step Checkout Magento 2 extension.

magento 2 one step checkout

Don’t need to register before, your customer can move to the checkout step as a guest, simultaneously, you still get the basic information. Because a password field is designed right on checkout page without any extra step to create a new account in your store. Doing like that, the customers just enter the email address and password in the next return, and the billing address is auto-fulfilled, of course.

4. List of payment options

Let customer feel free to purchase your product regardless of state or country, Checkout extension removes every barrier by supporting a list of payment options to choose. It is a wonderful chance to reach out various audience around the world.

magento 2 one step checkout

5. Advanced Integration

The most impressive feature from One Step Checkout Magento 2 is integrating many technologies in the checkout process. Particularly, Magento 2 extension supports auto-suggest address that will fill out the address field automatically or locate the current position of the user. The address data is based on Google Maps data. Besides, one page checkout also applies Ajax technology to auto-update all information there is any change during the checkout process without navigation to other page or taking time to reload the entire page.

magento 2 one step checkout