Magento 2 Full Page Cache

Speed up your Magento store without promise

Regardless e-commercial or traditional market, customers spend much more money on your store frequently only when you bring the useful products as well as the remarkable service right in their first approach to you. Particularly to e-commerce merchants, the performance of website is the keyword to open the success door because the customers are not patient enough to waste time on your loading site. Clicking over another site is the perfect answer for that situation, that also means you lose them forever who are able to be loyal customers.

Thus, Magento 2 Full Page Cache extension is designed specially in order to optimize the response site and reduce the load serve. Instead of taking 3-5 seconds to fully load any page, now, the maximum of waiting time is just less than 0.3 second.

Magento 2 Full Page Cache support different types of cache

Different types of cache

There are so many types of cache Full Page Cache extension will support a relevant method for your server's cache. They may be Memcache, Apc, Redis File Cache, Database,... All the above options can assure that the module will work very well with any your choice from Magento 2 configuration..

Caching levels

Caching levels

For more satisfaction, the extension also support 3 different page caches, that creates the perfect performance during customers access to your site..

  • Primary Page Cache - A super fast cache that does not even connect to a database, does not generate sessions, and handles most all requests to your store.
  • Secondary Page Cache - A fast cache with hole punch support which is used after a product is added to a cart or if the customer is logged into your store.
  • Lightening Page Cache - An extremely fast cache that turns your site into static pages. As a result, 5000 pages per second is very reasonable.

Schedule time for re-generating cache

Schedule time for re-generating cache

Here, store admin will set up time for updating cache. The cache is updated automatically on time as you set. This will help keep your data up to date with minimum speed loss.

In addition, the better speed, the more necessary to enable Dynamic Blocks- a great functionality the module supports. The dynamic blocks, serving both page and blocks from cache, is called as shopping cart sidebar block, shopping cart floating window or others are cached separately for each visitor of your website. And when some page is served from cache, dynamic blocks are being injected automatically into the “holes”.

Exclude any page from caching

Exclude any page from caching

This feature allows excluding directly some certain pages which you suppose not to be in the cache. An example for shopping cart page, it is depended on customer’s demand and changed continuously. So it is should not be cached.

Auto-refresh cache

Full Page Cache crawler carefully sorts site pages choosing those that should be cached first of all and adds them to the queue when the pages visited by a great number of users require much more time. Therefore, the crawler is designed to crawl and request popular pages to make this process less time consuming and invisible for store visitors..

With Magento 2 Full Page Cache, every caches are up-to-date and ensure the correct information when customers get them. Specifically, if there is any change of product information, for instance, the extension will auto-refresh all page caches related to the modified item instead of doing that manually not regarding to some missing places. .

Full Page Cache lifetime

Page lifetime

The page life time means how long that page is actual. The resetting page is active right after a customer visits. With this option you can easily optimize the cache process and keep all site pages timely cached. Similarly, in case that client create some demo data on your site, you can remove all if you configure on the backend..

Auto-flush product pages cache

Auto-flush product pages cache

Automatically flush product pages cache after each purchase: choose whether to flush only product pages cache or the cache of associated pages as well..

Enable debug mode

Enable debug mode

Let activate the debug mode to restrict the error during loading page while red frames will highlight the current configuration issues which you need to find and fix in time. Enable debug hints and you’ll never be misled within configuring Full Page Cache.

In case on your website IP detection is not working properly you can enable/disable debug mode on the store page via GET parameters.

Compress cache storage

Compress cache storage

So that the operation of cache is better, you can limit the maximum of database in megabytes as you need as well as quickly compress your data for cache storage.

SEO Improvement

SEO Improvement

The page load time is measured by Google and other search engines and used to put your website higher in search results if your loading speed is faster.

Performance Chart

Performance Chart

The performance chart is the essential tool for you to track the response time on your site, simultaneously evaluate objectively the effectiveness of Full page cache module..

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